We have held membership with the FTA for the last 10 years, our membership packages provide us with the tools to keep our operation safe, efficient and compliant. 

The FTA provides us with up to date information when it comes to new transport policies, key issues and keeps us informed of the latest industry developments 

We have access to the following services under our membership:

Membership Advice Centre
Telephone access to a team of helpful advisors with expert guidance on legal and operational issues knowledge and experience
Briefings on legislative and operational issues
Information on and assistance with any compliance issues
Operator Licence Compliance Information Service
This is a subscription service which helps keep Rhino’s operations up to date with the latest transport laws and safety regulations.
Audit FTA 
This is a service that provides our operation with impartial audits from industry experts. Our Vehicle Maintenance systems audits ensure compliance within the following areas
Driver walk around checks
Driver defect reporting
Safety inspections
Maintenance facilities
Quality monitoring
Vehicle condition
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