Crack and Joint Repair 

With our BBA HAPAS approved Jointmaster range

Jointmaster crack repairs:

  • Flexible repair, seals against water ingress
  • Skid resistant finish for safety
  • Adaptable to all sites, concrete and blacktop
  • Rut resistance for heavily trafficked sites
  • BBA HAPAS approved product range ​

Jointmaster extends the life of the road by sealing the cracks, preventing further deterioration thereby preserving and protecting the existing surface.


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Why Repair Cracks?

Cracks lead to potholes and premature failure of the surface course. Timely treatment of cracks will preserve the life of your asset.


What’s the process to install crack & joint repairs?

Case Studies

Take a look at a few examples of the work we have carried out

BBA HAPAS Certification​

Why is certification important when choosing crack repair systems?

Specifying BBA HAPAS approved crack sealing systems

How to specify BBA HAPAS approved crack sealing systems

Fill & Overband​

Surface applied materials. Great for treating cracks prior to asphalt preservation treatments. 

Roundabout Seam Joints

High stresses are experienced at the seam joints between asphalt rips. We've got the solution to stop the deterioration.

Concrete/Blacktop interface joint

Concrete joint spalling

Asphalt seam joint

Reflective cracking

Kerb edge sealing

Cats eyes hole filling

SAMI (stress absorbing membrane interlayer)