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ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) sets global standards for quality, safety, and efficiency across industries. Adhering to ISO standards enhances our processes, customer satisfaction, and reputation. 

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Ironmaster is installed by our own specialist crews, using high-strength, quick-setting mortars, and unique compaction-free surface course. We offer a 5 year guarantee, and tackle all forms of highway ironwork failure, from manholes to bridge drainage channels.

Proteus Narrow Gully

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Jointmaster extends the life of the existing surface by sealing the cracks, preventing further deterioration and preserving the existing surface. Jointmaster is flexible, skid resistant, adaptable and rut resistant.

BBA HAPAS Guidelines for Crack Sealing Systems

BBA HAPAS Certificate: 07/H126

BBA HAPAS Certificate: 09/H149

Why Cracks Lead To Potholes Article by Nottingham University

Jointmaster Brochure

Fill and Overband Case Study: Eye Road, Peterborough

Prestatyn case study Promenade Crack Repairs

Specification for Highway Works Series 700 for crack repairs

Imprint / Texprint:

Imprint is a 15mm thick synthetic coloured asphalt overlay with a pattern imprinted into the surface to achieve a similar effect to brick/block paving. We supply 2 brands, Imprint and Texprint. It is designed to offer the benefit of a single homogenous asphalt mat which, for trafficked scenarios, is preferable to block paving with its inherent ongoing maintenance liabilities. 

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Masterscreed is the solution to a wide variety of highway defects that have previously been difficult to repair cost effectively. Defects can be quickly and effectively tackled with this one straightforward process, so that any road can be made ready for surface treatments and any profile can be returned for a running surface. 

BBA HAPAS Certificate: 20/H304

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Concrete Rehabilitation:

Traditionally concrete roads were overlaid with Microasphalt and other bituminous surfacing products. This has led to an ongoing maintenance liability. Our solution is to expose the original concrete carriageway by planing off the layers of surfacing, repairing the damage underneath and returning the concrete to be the finished surface.

BBA HAPAS Certificate: 10/H150

Bexhill Case Study - Concrete Carriageway Rehabilitation

APJ Bridge Joints:

Rhino offers full replacement asphaltic plug bridge joints as well as plug joint re-topping.

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