Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get an estimate for my work?

Here’s the ways you can get a quotation from us: 

Can I get a technical sales representative to visit me?

Our technical sales representatives are available for site inspections, sales calls and presentations.  

To arrange one please contact us as follows: 

Tony Wooldridge – Head of UK Sales 07823 334 072 

Steve Reed – Manager Scotland 07827 445 787 

Nathan Davenhill – Sales North 07810 329 700 

Greg Pickles – Sales South West 07776 527 778

Greg Jarvis – Sales South East 07810 329 609 

What are the locations of your teams?

We operate across the whole of the UK with our teams who are based in Kent, Sussex and Cheshire. From these locations our operatives cover the whole of the UK. 

Who are Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd?

Rhino is a private limited company formed in 2000 and has been under its present ownership since 2005. The owners and management have been working in the field of specialist highway maintenance repairs since the early 90’s and bring this expertise and experience to every job that we carry out. 

Where do you carry out your work?

Principally we work on the UK highway (road & bridge) network which includes Motorways and Trunk Roads, Local Authority Highways & Footpaths including County Councils, Borough Councils, Metropolitan Authorities and London Boroughs.  

We also occasionally work on private residential roads, airfields (both landside and airside), depots and yards. 

Why would I choose Rhino to carry out my work?

This is our customer promise: 

Our senior management team has over 100 combined years' experience of the highways and structures repair and maintenance market, so we know the industry’s ‘best’, as well as its ‘worst’ practices. When we set up Rhino, we were adamant that we would build a business based on: 

  • Authorised and approved systems and materials for repairing and reinstating highway defects.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Providing a highly responsive service.
  • Being flexible to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Therefore, when you deal with Rhino, you are guaranteed that there are no hidden extras. The price we quote includes: 

  • All materials, labour and plant necessary to complete the work.
  • A site inspection - to assess the work prior to quotation.
  • A clear, unambiguous, firm quotation which we honour.
  • A programme which specifies timescales required to complete the works - and we keep to it.

Our pledge to you is that we will always provide you with a highly responsive and flexible service, use the best material for the job and never over promise and under deliver. 

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