Imprint and Texprint

Pattern imprinted synthetic asphalt for the trafficked environment

Introducing Imprint and Texprint

Imprinting is a 15mm thick synthetic coloured asphalt overlay with a pattern imprinted into the surface to achieve a similar effect to brick/block paving. We install 2 brands, Imprint and Texprint. 

It is designed to offer the benefit of a single homogenous asphalt mat which, for trafficked scenarios, is preferable to block paving with its inherent ongoing maintenance liabilities. 

Imprinted surfaces will provide a maintenance free surface under trafficking. A decorative architectural appearance which will delineate a shared surface or traffic feature to road users. And it will perform well on crossing points, overruns, median strips, aprons, buildouts, crossovers, gateways and enhancement schemes 


Main Features

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Colours and Patterns

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Case Studies

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Vehicle Crossovers

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