BBA HAPAS Certification - Ironwork

BBA HAPAS Certification - Ironwork


As UK representative in EOTA (the body that co-ordinates European Technical Approvals), the British Board of Agrément  (BBA) administers an approval system, assessing and issuing advice on the suitability of proprietary systems for highway use, HAPAS (Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme). 

This is done on behalf of various UK highway authorities including: 

  • Highways Agency  
  • County Surveyors Society  
  • Transport Research Laboratory  
  • Highways Technical Advisory Committee  
  • Local Government Technical Advisors Group  

Ironmaster is approved for use on UK highways by the BBA under HAPAS.

Ironmaster BBA HAPAS Certificate


Certification was achieved in 2006. Component material tests, site visits, a manufacturing review and user survey were part of the process.  

A copy of the certificate (number 06/H123) is attached and states ‘This certificate relates to the Ironmaster ironwork reinstatement system of manhole frames and ironwork where rapid trafficking is required’. 

The BBA go on further to recommend ‘the results of tests and assessments indicate that provided the surrounding pavement remains structurally sound, the system will have a service life greater than three years’. Of course, Rhino guarantee this installation for five years.  


These are resin mortars designed to bed the frame onto the road structure. They achieve three times the strength of traditional fast set mortars but now in just one hour. Precast, reinforced concrete shims are bound in the mortars to build up the necessary levels and provide support for the frame. 


Surface Course

A hot-applied polymer-modified wearing course is screeded into place and dressed with a skid resistant aggregate. This unique surfacing material achieves the necessary strength on cooling and does not need compacting. This eliminates the need for compaction equipment, which can disrupt the integrity of the mortars already in place. 


Covers and Frames

The iron cover and frame are designed to withstand a 40 tonne loading. Rhino recommend Inter-Ax D400 manhole covers and Aqua-Max gully gratings produced by Saint Gobain Pipelines PLC. Rhino have been working with Saint Gobain for a number of years to bring you the best manufactured covers and frames available anywhere in the world. 

The Inter-Ax D400 is a non-rocking manhole for use in trunk roads with exceptional levels of heavy traffic. It is rated to withstand a 40 tonne test load.  

The Aqua-Max D400 gulley is a non-rocking, hinged grating recommended for use in city roads with continuous heavy traffic. It is particularly efficient where high volumes of water removal are required and is rated to withstand a 40 tonne test load. 

The test results of the component parts can be seen in the BBA HAPAS certificate above.