Proteus Gullies

An innovative solution to Gully clipping failures


Rhino is currently undergoing trials for the new Proteus Gully 

  • Narrow profile hinged gully grating
  • Avoids excessive clipping by traffic
  • D400 class
  • Retains water clearing efficiency
  • Fits a standard 450mm gully footprint 

The new, innovative proteus gully installed using the proprietary Ironmaster system is a solution to continually failing gulley gratings on heavily trafficked roads where the edge of a standard 450mm square gulley is continually struck by HGVs with its related ongoing maintenance problems. 

What We Found

Lorries generally travel with their wheels 300mm from the kerb edge meaning that a 450mm gully is regularly being struck by these heavy loadings. 

This ‘excessive clipping’ results in regular, early gully failures. 


The Solution

The opening of the new Proteus gully is just 280mm from the kerb edge so that HGV wheels avoid driving over the grate which in turn reduces the impact on the frame. 

The unique design retains the minimum waterway area required under HA104/09 by at least double that minimum requirement. 

The hollow chamber under the angled section ensures the same water volume outputs as a traditional 450mm gully. 

It has been tested and approved by BSi and is a class D400 

One of the key elements of the design is that the base plate fits a standard 450mm gully so that this new Proteus Gully can be installed in place of an existing 450mm gully without adjusting the supporting structure. 


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