Imprint / Texprint on Footways

The trip-free alternative to pavings slabs

Colour: Bristol White 

Pattern: Slab 

Vehicles driving on to and parking on footways 

Footways slabs break under traffic causing trip hazard 

  • Where vehicles pull off the carriageway the substructure is often inadequate to stop the slabs from breaking. The result is a significant trip hazard 
  • Imprint can recreate the aesthetic of a slab pattern and, with an asphalt base, can easily cope with the weight of cars and lorries without breaking 
  • A simple solution to a common problem 

Paving Slab Alternative

Here we can see Imprint laid on a footway. This pavement had traditional paving slabs which had broken as a result of parked vehicles. 
This created a trip hazard for users of the footway. 


The paving slabs were removed. An asphalt base was placed leaving 15mm for an Imprint top layer with a paving slab pattern. 

The Result:

As Imprint is a single layer, homogenous surface, there is no slab to crack or break. The worst than can be expected would be a crack in the Imprint which does not present a trip hazard. 


Before and After: Imprint replaces cracked and broken paving slabs on a vehicle crossover

Seamless link between paved footways 

This access road to the rear of the shops was surfaced with Imprint because the slabs had broken.
Now there is a seamless and safe link for pedestrians and a clear visual delineator for traffic waiting to turn into the service road. 

Camden Market

Busy Camden High Street benefits from Imprint on the footpath where industrious shoppers and tourists mix, safe from trips as their attention is drawn to the bustling arcades and abundance of tempting offers.

Different sizes of slab pattern can be chosen to suit the and in this instance a 600mm x 600mm was chosen in a Light Grey.

An asphalt base was laid in preparation for the 15mm Imprint layer. 

Over the course of 3 days 175sq.m was laid with minimal disruption to the shop keepers.