Utility Compliant Manholes

Utility Covers

At Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd, we take immense pride in our workmanship from our well trained and experienced crews which includes our installation of Utility Manholes for Openreach and Verizon, among others whilst strictly adhering to the LN320 guidelines. As an installer of HA104/09 compliant materials BT openreach have confirmed that Ironmaster is technically acceptable for the installation of repairs on the Openreach Network.

LN320 Compliance serves as the foundation for our installations, as these guidelines, provided by the UK Department for Transport, embody best practices for ensuring the durability and reliability of road infrastructure. Our approval by BT signifies our expertise, reliability, and dedication to quality, and our utilisation of the innovative Ironmaster System showcases our commitment to efficiency and precision.

With the technical acceptance of our system by BT's Openreach network, we have achieved an important milestone that validates our expertise in installing ironwork for critical telecommunications infrastructure. Our Ironmaster System employs modern engineering principles and technology to ensure accurate alignment and positioning of manholes and highway ironwork, guaranteeing long-term reliability and performance.

At Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd, comprehensive quality assurance is integral to our approach. We conduct meticulous inspections and testing at every stage of the installation process, leaving no room for compromise in quality and safety. Our priority is the safety of our workers, road users, and the environment.

With BT's approval and Openreach's technical acceptance, Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd stands as a trusted partner for BT manholes and highway ironwork installations. When you choose us, you can be confident in receiving durable, reliable, and compliant installations that meet the highest industry standards.