Surface Defects & Potholes

Repaired with Masterscreed™

Introduction to Masterscreed

Masterscreed is the solution to a wide variety of highway defects that have previously been difficult to repair cost-effectively.

General defects, from potholes to surface regulation, need treating prior to the application of surface treatments such as surface dressing. With Masterscreed, a wide variety of defects for pre-treatment can be quickly and effectively tackled with this one straightforward process, so that any road can be made ready for surface dressing and any profile can be returned for a running surface. 


Main Features of Masterscreed

Find out about masterscreed and its performance

Pre Surface Dressing Patching

How we prepare the surface 

Material Performance

Just how tough is Masterscreed material? 


Discover how we install Masterscreed to achieve the best results

BBA HAPAS Certification

Why is certification important when choosing surface repair systems?

Case Studies

Take a look at some examples

Red Masterscreed

Ravelling and Fretting

Potholes and Patches

Road Hump Renovation