Specialist Bridge Maintenance

  • • Asphaltic plug bridge expansion joints
  • • Crack Inducers
  • • Drainage Channels
Asphaltic plug bridge expansion joints
  • • UK highways approved
  • • Polymer modified bitumen binder blended with single sized aggregate
  • • Installed by our own crews
  • • Watertight seal prevents ingress of water and salts
  • • Quick to install during overnight lane closures to minimise disruption
  • • Smooth riding surface
  • • Topping replacement service available when resurfacing
  • • Can be installed in part widths, minimising disruption to one lane at a time
  • Our asphaltic plug bridge expansion joint is designed for movement capability up to +/- 25mm and provides a flexible and watertight seal for bridge decks whilst maintaining the ability to withstand heavy traffic loadings without rutting.

Crack Inducers

  • • Installation of crack inducers to focus future expected movement at the desired point and induce a controlled crack
  • • Mark out on the site the exact location for the crack inducer
  • • A saw cut is made to the required dimensions and the gap sealed with a hot poured bitumen based sealant
  • • Future movement should be focused at the crack inducer, leaving the surrounding surfacing intact


Drainage Channels

  • • Using the adaptable Ironmaster system, we install bridge drainage channels to the high standards of a typical Ironmaster repair.
  • • Using high strength, quick setting mortars our teams of experts are able to install a long lasting finish.
  • • Our experience in finding solutions to difficult problems enabled us to contribute to a solution for removing surface water.


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