Overbanding cracks in highways

  • • BBA HAPAS approved Grade (F) Flexible repair
  • • Minimum expected life of 3 years (BBA)
  • • Surface applied polymerised bitumen materials
  • • Compatible with the road surface
  • • Seals cracks up to 40mm width 
  • • Overband width of 40mm upto 200mm

There are two processes for overbanding cracks in the highway. Simple Overband is a 40mm band. Fill and Overband can go upto 200mm wide. It is a little more involved than that and here is a summary:

The difference between (a) Overband & (b) Fill and Overband  

Product Overband Fill and Overband
Crack Widths For treating cracks up to 5mm wide
For cracks between 5mm and 40mm wide
Band width 40mm  From 40mm to 200mm

Same as for Fill & Overband 
Polymer modified bitumen sealant with added aggregates and rubber crumb
Same as for Fill & Overband Grade (F) Flexible suitable for movement cracks

The only hot applied approved bitumen sealant and it complies with the requirements for Grade (F) Flexibility The fill component and the seal component are not separate products, they are the same, applied in one pass. The whole system is Grade (F) Flexible


Simple Overband

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A  simple 40mm overband of hot bituminous compound screed over the crack. BBA HAPAS approved. 


Fill & Overband

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A wider fill and overband up to 200mm wide and dressed with a skid resistant aggregate to the surface. BBA HAPAS approved.

The case for sealing cracks

As vehicle speeds increase, the water pressure in cracks rapidly exceeds the 10MPa strength of asphalt leading to rapid break-up of the road surface.
At cracks up to 20mm deep, the highway will break up when vehicle speeds exceed 35 mph. Sealing cracks against water ingress protects the road from rapid break up and eventual pothole formation.



What sites are suitable for the overbanding materials 


dynamic & static cracks
reflective cracks
longitudinal & transverse cracks

seam joints
reinstatement joints
fretted joints
Road types  

trunk roads
estate roads
feeder roads


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