Crack and joint repair systems 

"Crack Sealing is carried out to extend the useful life of the road pavement by protecting the edges of cracks and joints from attrition by heavy traffic and by preventing the ingress of water" 

Design Manual for Roads and Bridge (vol 7 section 4 Part 1 HD31/94)

Crack repairs
Recognised as the foremost method of preventing water ingress into a road surface, crack sealing is used as the primary means of sealing the surface thereby preventing future potholes forming in roads. Jointmaster is the leading UK system for repairing those cracks and joints in highways and motorways.

​• BBA HAPAS approved
• Treat all crack types
• Concrete & Asphalt substrates
• 5 Year minimum expected life
• Motorway use M25, M3, M4, A1
• Flexible polymerised bitumen

Accommodating movement
Roads crack because movement occurs in a road surface that is too stiff to accommodate that movement. The Jointmaster range of products consists of a highly polymerised, flexible repair bituminous binder mixed with carefully selected aggregates to arrive at a system that accommodates movement without cracking or deforming under traffic. The system can be rebated into the road surface or surface applied. This ensures the road surface does not crack again and remains watertight thereafter.

Bitumen based repairs
Bituminous crack repairs with Jointmaster materials are compatible with the surrounding asphalt ensuring that the repair does not adversely effect the exisiting surface. Jointmaster has been performing successfully in the UK road network in excess of ten years and is evident across 90% of the UK motorway network. 


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