Five year guaranteed ironwork

  • • BBA HAPAS approved 
  • • No quibble 5 year written guarantee
  • • Over 1,000 units installed for Transport for London
  • • Over 5,000 units installed nationwide
  • • Full reconstruction for guaranteed performance

Ironmaster tackles all forms of ironwork failure in the highway

In order to offer a five year written guarantee, Ironmaster needs to tackle all forms of highway ironwork failure, these have been identified as:
      • Sub-standard workmanship
      • Inconsistent or inappropriate materials
      • Compaction issues, namely: 
                • Compacting the asphalt surround too early, before bedding mortars have cured
                • Compaction equipment striking the ironwork, disrupting the mortar bond
                • Insufficient compaction, leaving the asphalt out of specification

What makes Ironmaster different?

Ironmaster is installed by our own specialist crews, using only the finest high-strength, quick-setting materials and unique compaction-free surface course, which means you can rest assured that the 5 year Rhino guarantee is not offered without good reason.

Types of ironwork we repair
Ironmaster is a very adaptable system able to accommodate many different ironwork types:

      •  Stopcocks
      •  Fire Hydrants
      • Gulleys both single and double
      • Manholes (single, double and triple)
      • 100mm or 150mm thick ironwork
      • Bridge drainage channels

The system easily accommodates non-standard sizes, unforeseen structural conditions and localised surface deterioration.

The Benefits of using the Ironmaster system

• Full depth repair system
• No vibrating rollers or compaction equipment required       
• Unique shock absorbing and self-compacting surface
• Rapid cure process
• Joint free repair
• Can be trafficked within 60 minutes of installation
• Suitable for all types of ironwork

Some of the clients benefitting from the Ironmaster 5 Year Guarantee 

Glasgow City Council trialled 6 proprietary systems. Ironmaster was the only one chosen for principal routes and arterial roads due to its performance over a comprehensive 2 year study. Ironmaster went on to be used to repair 500 units in the city.
Transport for London have over 1,000 units installed across every major route in the city, including the North & South circular, A1, A4, Trafalgar Square and inside the Blackwall Tunnel.
Local Councils: extensive use by over 100 different highway authority customers including City Councils, County Councils, Motorway Authorities and London Boroughs.

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