Pattern imprinted synthetic asphalt

  • • Traffic calming, features & enhancements
  • • 15mm thick synthetic asphalt overlay
  • • Full depth colour
  • • Imprint a variety of patterns
  • • Performs as well as HRA

Imprint gives a block paved effect on roads without the associated problems usually experienced by block paving in trafficked environments.
When considering traffic calming surfacing, Imprint has a lot of features that make it highly desirable for trafficked environments.
A 15mm thick synthetic asphalt overlay, it can be “imprinted” with a pattern designed to give a block paving type finish, but with the performance characteristics of a good quality HRA.

The synthetic nature of Imprint allows a surface of many different colours to be chosen, all with the high performance this material has become associated with.

So, whether choosing a table top or hump where traffic is expected over the surface or a build out or cushion where traffic is expected to avoid the surface, Imprint is the ideal solution.

Where Imprint can be used
Ideal for:

  • • Traffic Calming Tables
  • • Humps
  • • Build-outs
  • • Raised Junctions
  • • Entry Treatments
  • • Village Gateways
  • • Visual Delineation

How Imprint helps to calm traffic
Imprint is a visual delineator. It highlights to the driver that an area of roadway requires special consideration, whether as an area to be driven on carefully, or an area to be avoided.
The nature of a coloured surface with a pattern is believed to highlight to the driver that the surface may well be shared. This effect is not achieved with colour alone. This immediately raises driver awareness.
In its earliest conception, Imprint was used extensively for creating vertical traffic calming measures. The product was then used in the creation of a number of homezones, notably in Plymouth and Manchester. More recently, Imprint has gained popularity for use as buildouts, roundabout aprons and speed cushions where the driver is not expected to drive on the surface. All of these can be achieved with the blend of colours and patterns available.

Benefits of an Imprint surface:

  • • Visibly delineates from the rest of the road through colour and pattern
  • • Clearly identifies to the driver a potential shared use space
  • • Highlights pedestrian priorities may be different
  • • Low maintenance, no individual bricks or blocks to work loose under traffic
  • • Quick application, around 70 sq.m per day
  • • Applied straight on top of the existing blacktop surface
  • • Highly cost effective
  • • Can be laid to only 15mm thickness
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