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Asphaltic Plug Joints

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Asphaltic Plug Bridge Expansion Joints

• UK highways approved

• Polymer modified bitumen binder blended with single sized aggregate

• Installed by our own crews

• Watertight seal prevents ingress of water and salts

• Quick to install during overnight lane closures to minimise disruption

• Smooth riding surface

• Topping replacement service available when resurfacing

• Can be installed in part widths, minimising disruption to one lane at a time

Our asphaltic plug bridge expansion joint is designed for movement capability up to +/- 25mm and provides a flexible and watertight seal for bridge decks whilst maintaining the ability to withstand heavy traffic loadings without rutting.

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Drainage Channels

Drainage channels can be incorporated into your bridge joint to relieve water pressure

Plug Joint Re-Topping

Re-topping an APJ following resurfacing

Asphaltic Plug Joints do not need full depth replacement following resurfacing. Only the top layer (which was planed off) needs replacing. With the following benefits:

• Same performance: APJ performance is unaffected as the new layer fuses seamlessly with the original joint.

• Saves time: quicker operation due to lower volume of materials replaced.

• Less disruption: less work shifts are required hence fewer lane closures.

• Lower cost: partial depth replacement cheaper than full depth.

• Environmental benefits: saves replacing materials unnecessarily.


Method of re-topping

Resurfacing a bridge may typically involve the removal of 40mm of surface course by mechanical cold planer, which will also remove the top 40mm of any APJ. Instead of replacing the APJ at full depth, it is only necessary to replace the amount of joint that was removed by:

  1. Saw cut and break out the new asphalt above the bridge joint.
  2. Coat the excavated surfaces with APJ binder.
  3. Construct the new layer in accordance with the installation method statement.


Footbridge Surface Treatment

Restoring footbridge decks with durable, long-lasting materials that restore: 

- anti-slip finish
- waterproofing
- trip & slip free finish


With our footbridge deck service we can prepare and treat:

- bare metal
- concrete
- asphalt
- timber


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