Surface Defects: Repairs with Masterscreed

Masterscreed is the solution to a wide variety of highway defects that have previously been difficult to repair cost effectively.

The Problem

General defects from potholes to surface regulation need treating prior to the application of surface treatments such as surface dressing. And with Masterscreed a wide variety of defects for pre-treatment can be quickly and effectively tackled with this one straightforward process, so that any road can be made ready for surface dressing and any profile can be returned for a running surface.

Here are some typical defects which Masterscreed can repair:


Ravelling and fretting


Potholes and patches


Pre surface dressing patching


Road humps


Wheel rutting


The Solution

At Rhino we have developed one product to cover all the thin-bond defects listed above, this product is Masterscreed. Masterscreed is a durable, cost effective and versatile material making it the best option for any surface defect.

Masterscreed is ideal for pre-surface dressing programmes or as a final running surface.

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Masterscreed Thin Bond Repairs

• Fills and seals in one pass

• Suitable for high stress sites

• Quickly treats large areas

• Track record of successful sites

• Fully contracted service

• Work can be carried out overnight

• Quick curing

Masterscreed is aversatilequick curingdurablecost effectivematerial

capable of treating many different types of surface defect including:

Chipping Loss
Vehicle Burnouts
Road Stud Filling
Shallow Potholes
Seam Joint
Surface Deterioration

Environmental Benefits Of Masterscreed

Material Usage: Traditional methods of patching and thin bond repairs require cutting out the existing surface, squaring off and re-laying hot asphalt. Masterscreed does not require the repair area to be cut out and squared off. It is applied to the existing hole. In fact, the rough texture of a pothole’s surround aids the adhesion of the material. Masterscreed thereby eliminates the need for disposal of road hardcore.

Noise: With less plant and equipment than a traditional hot patch crew, noise is considerably reduced. The Masterscreed process has no need for rollers, saw cutters, road breakers or asphalt tippers.

Non-Hazardous Materials: All materials are compliant with REACH regulations.

Disruption: A Masterscreed crew can achieve outputs of up to 400 sq.m of patching in a shift. This means sites can be treated and opened to traffic very quickly compared to traditional systems, thereby minimising disruption.

Masterscreed Installation

1. Cleaned: The defective area is cleaned, dried and swept.

2. Screeded: The Masterscreed material is hot-applied to the surface and hand-screeded over the defect, filling any voids and leaving a skid resistant finish.

3. Opened: The material is allowed to cool before opening to traffic.

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A127 Westbound towards junction with the M25, Essex

Client: Essex County Council.

Site: A127 Southend Arterial Road heading westbound from Basildon towards the M25 junction.

Problem: The Stone Mastic Asphalt had deteriorated leaving a lean & hungry surface with some areas of potholing. The client was looking for a short to mid-term solution before carrying out more extensive reconstruction / resurfacing work .

Solution: Masterscreed was chosen for its ability to:

  • Restore a safe running surface
  • Arrest further deterioration
  • Recover some of the carriageway profile
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Local Authority pre-surface dressing

In this example, a County Council are using Masterscreed to provide additional resource to their own busy patching gangs.

Following the severe winters which have caused much publicised extensive damage to the running surface of many roads, this local authority found a need to bolster their existing crews with additional resources to tackle the increasing number of potholes and patches requiring treatment.

Masterscreed was chosen as it quickly and safely restores the running surface, arrests further deterioration and recovers the carriageway profile.


A127 Westbound, Before and After

Facts & Figures:

Works carried out over night between 21:30 hrs and 05:30 hrs 1,000 sq.m treated in 5 nights

Site fully open to traffic each morning before the rush hour Outputs 200 sq.m per night average Traffic Volumes 33,000 vehicles per day

Madingley Road, Cambridge, Before and After

The problem at this location was one of buying a little more time. Given to condition of the surface, it was due for resurfacing and sub-grade repairs but remained unfunded for the next 18 months.


A simple and quick solution such as Masterscreed, provided the all-important breathing space by extending the asset life, providing a safe durable finish, understanding that a permanent solution would eventually address the sub-grade issues.


Material Performance

Masterscreed material has performed in numerous road environments in a variety of applications. This material is a tough, hard-wearing hot-screed chosen for its versatility at resolving many different problems.

Masterscreed material has been in use for a number of years providing a high quality finish with a good skid-resistant finish. This hot-screed patching material has proved effective for pre-surface dressing patching programmes, thin surface failures and patching potholes.


Laboratory Test Results

Skid Resistance: over 65
Polished Stone Value:  over 62
Texture Depth: over 1.2mm
Softening Point: over 90°c

Ravelling and Fretting


Ravelling and Fretting is a common surface defect that can be easily repaired using Masterscreed

Potholes & Patches

Pre-surface dressing patching programmes are effectively tackled with Masterscreed


Pre Surface Dressing Patching


Pre-surface dressing patching is another surface defect that Rhino's Masterscreed can fix.

Road Humps

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Road humps are a notorious maintenance issue but Masterscreed repairs and renovates quickly with minimal disruption.

Specialist pre-patching materials regulate and repair the road hump before a coating of Masterscreed is applied over the surface. The surface can be re-marked in the same shift and opened to traffic very quickly afterwards. The picture above is a road hump in East Sussex where 4 similar humps were repaired and re-marked in one night's work.


Blagdon Rd, New Malden, Kingston upon Thames

  • 14 speed cushions completed in 2 shifts

  • First the major holes and defects were pre-patched

  • Secondly a surface coat of Masterscreed was applied to the complete cushion


Mountfield Road, Lewes

A fast and effective repair was needed
to restore 5 road humps in Lewes
Town Centre. The solution was
Masterscreed. Initially the potholes
were patched and repaired with the
hot applied Masterscreed material,
before treating the whole surface with
a screed of the same material.

5 road humps in Lewes town were treated in a single overnight road closure and were completed in less than 4 hours.

Wheel Rutting


Wheel Rutting is the last surface defect on the list that Rhino's versatile Masterscreed can fix

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